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"Care workers, pay attention to health" - the company organization sta

  Care workers, concerned about the health, this is not a simple sentence, but real initiatives. Recently, the company carefully organized all the staff for the annual health examination, so that employees understand their own health status, to protect the health of employees played a role in promoting.

  In order to ensure every employee can participate in the medical examination, a comprehensive understanding of the health status of the staff, but do not delay the normal work, physical examination in batches in ikang examination center examination activities, allow employees to truly feel the care and warmth to the company, reflecting the company people-oriented management concept, get the support and praise of the masses of workers. Workers have said, an annual physical examination is necessary, by physical examination, so that workers can timely understanding of their physical condition, to carry out prevention, strengthen physical exercise, to the health of body and mind actively involved in the work, meet new challenges, for the development of Gaochang company contribution to the growth of the power!


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