First, the use of attention to lift the lifting machine

1, in the installation and use of lifting machine before, please read carefully supporting lifting machine "using manual".

2, only after the training of personnel or authorized personnel to operate the lifting machine.

3, the daily use of the lifting machine should be checked before the lifting of the working conditions. Do not use when the lift is in trouble or in an unsafe condition. After being repaired, the machine can be used again.

4, is strictly prohibited overload of the rated load.

5, double column, gantry lifting machine lifting should be four lifting machine tray exposed to automobile manufacturers recommended lifts at, and the good contact between the automobile bearing surface and tray, when the auto lift from 150 200 mm, the shake of car, check the car is parked, and after that the car has safe positioning, continue to press the up button, until the car is lifted to the working position.

6, lifting process, pay attention to observe the car is stable, if there is abnormal, immediately shut down.

7, in the process of lifting, is strictly prohibited in the car or the lifting of the lifting of the car within the area.

8, lift car, such as the removal or installation is auto lifting some parts may lead to a shift of the center of gravity of the car, and so it is possible to make the vehicle instability, please car manufacturer maintenance manuals.

9, in the lifting of the car under the work, must make the main, vice column insurance hook in a state of self.

10, the car drove into or leaving the column before, bracket into the can make the car through the position, to ensure that no obstacles between columns, do not hit the supporting arm. To prevent damage to the car and the lifting machine.

11. Please keep the lifting area free of obstacles and debris. Shall promptly clean oil and spilled oil etc..

12, if the need to extend the line to use more than two times the rated current of the wire, if less than the rated current, will cause fever. Be careful to avoid the wiring, disconnected or removed.

13, do not use the lift, please plug the power supply plug from the power outlet. Don't pull the wire through the socket pull out, should hold the plug from the socket will pull out.

14, in the lifting of the car under the work, must make the insurance system in the state of insurance, and cut off the power supply.

15, the operator before leaving the lifting machine, the car must be reduced to the lowest position, and cut off the power supply.

In 16, at the end of each work, the power must be cut off, and cleaning cleaning, keep clean external lifting machine. Lifting machine use matters needing attention

Two, lift machine maintenance and maintenance

1, the conventional maintenance must be carried out every three months by the operator, if the user is using a higher frequency or in a more harsh environment, the user to see the specific circumstances of the corresponding shorten the maintenance time.

2, every day in the process of operation, must check whether the safety device is sensitive and effective, hydraulic system is leaking, the amount of oil is sufficient, and the column guide rail plus grease.

3, check the main, vice insurance hook work is sensitive and reliable.

4, check whether the synchronous wire rope loose. If loose, please tighten and secure.

5, check the amount of oil in the tank, make up the hydraulic oil.

6, cleaning hydraulic system.

7, hydraulic oil is replaced once a year (for the first time to replace the use of three months). When replacing the hydraulic oil, the lift landing to the lowest position, the hydraulic oil should not have any pressure, zero pressure) and lifting machine without any load, raise antiwear hydraulic oil, waste oil treatment must be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the local environmental protection.

8, clean the oil and burr on the column guide rail, check the sliding block wear is serious, should be replaced in a timely manner.

Three, ordinary lift installation essentials are there?

(1) the four corners of the platform are in the same horizontal plane.

(2) the wire rope is correct, and the anti loose and off board is complete.

(3) the top of the wire rope to tighten the double nut.

(4) four insurance block at the same time, through the adjustment of the top screw.

(5) flexible handle.

(6) tubing connection fastening.

(7) the electrical connection is correct.

Four, lift not up for the reason

(1) lifting heavy loads.

(2) the governor valve adjustment screw may be adjusted by the user or repair personnel too small, should be re adjusted.

(3) gear pump due to the hydraulic medium is not timely replacement, gear wear, should be replaced by gear pump.

(4) in the lift machine column or lift machine above the mechanical clamping resistance, should be thoroughly checked.

The reasons for the double column lifting landing down what? How to eliminate?

(1) back to the oil port filter mesh plug, remove the clean-up.

(2) electromagnetic valve spool net plug, remove the clean-up.

(3) the valve core of the speed control valve is stuck, remove the cleaning.

(4) mechanical insurance is not open or below the movement of mechanical obstacles stuck, check the insurance hook spring and remove the card.

(5) the slide or the roller and the guide rail or the rotation axis is short of oil lubrication, should be the note lubricating grease.


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