production environment

The total area of 90 thousand square meters, total construction area of 7 square meters. Workshop equipped, workshop organized production, each production workshop with daily and monthly working target, supervise the production schedule finished on time. Each workshop is also provided with a safety operation specification not only urge the staff on a daily basis to develop good safety operation specification, also urged into the production of new employees learn, improve production safety, every employee job security protection.

Our production workshop strictly according to the workshop 5S standard, every department to check the weekly company examination, to ensure a safe and clean environment of workshop, the vertical division of each workshop, division of clear and reasonable, production line convergence process. Improve productivity and process under the cohesion.


  • Composite shear

  • Ordinary small scissors

  • Ultra thin small scissors

  • Middle position small scissors

  • Plate shears

  • Two column lift

  • The lift